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Bimini Ring Game – Assembly & Installation

January 2, 2010

Instructions for the Assembly and Installation of your Bimini Ring Game by

1) Place the sign / game on the wall with the hook approximately 48 inches from the ceiling or overhang on an 8 foot tall wall.

2) Using a screw included with your Bimini Ring Game, make a mark through the small hole at the top of the sign / game onto the wall. Create a hole slightly smaller than the size of the white plastic anchor included in your kit. Insert the plastic anchor into the wall. Note: The plastic anchor is not required if you are mounting your sign / game to a wooden beam; pole or wall.



Photos of Winners…

January 2, 2010

Over the past couple of years we have had a lot of fun setting up a Bimini Ring Game at our exhibit booths at the trade shows we attend. Our customers visiting the booth really enjoy trying their hand at getting a ringer and we often reward them when they succeed with a cool prize or gift.

At some of the events we have given away Endless Summer T Shirts, or a Ring Toss Champion T Shirt, at others we have given away Stickers or Decals and Koozie Cups (can coolers).  We try to keep it light hearted and fun for everyone and ask the winners to don a pair of really tropical sun glasses (think 60’s style flamingos and palm trees) and then take their picture holding their prize, the pictures are pretty funny. We also add a caption to the images that has no real connection to the person winning the game – it’s all in fun!

Here’s some links to photos of the winners we have taken over the past couple of years… enjoy!