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Bimini Ring Game – Assembly & Installation

January 2, 2010

Instructions for the Assembly and Installation of your Bimini Ring Game by

1) Place the sign / game on the wall with the hook approximately 48 inches from the ceiling or overhang on an 8 foot tall wall.

2) Using a screw included with your Bimini Ring Game, make a mark through the small hole at the top of the sign / game onto the wall. Create a hole slightly smaller than the size of the white plastic anchor included in your kit. Insert the plastic anchor into the wall. Note: The plastic anchor is not required if you are mounting your sign / game to a wooden beam; pole or wall.



Bimini Ring Game Rules…

January 2, 2010

Here’s some suggestions on different ways to play the game, these suggestions are based on the experience we have had playing the game at many Bars; Restaraunts and our Booths at Trade Shows.

The Bimini Ring Game can be played indoors or outdoors, in either case you will need about 8 feet of floor space from the wall where the Hook is attached – so try to plan a location that wont interfere with the regular traffic pattern of other people working their way around the venue. Having the hook well lit helps also. If you are installing a game for the first time – this article on Assembly and Installation might be of help.

There are two primary ways to hold a fun competition with your Bimini Ring Game.