Photos of Winners…

Over the past couple of years we have had a lot of fun setting up a Bimini Ring Game at our exhibit booths at the trade shows we attend. Our customers visiting the booth really enjoy trying their hand at getting a ringer and we often reward them when they succeed with a cool prize or gift.

At some of the events we have given away Endless Summer T Shirts, or a Ring Toss Champion T Shirt, at others we have given away Stickers or Decals and Koozie Cups (can coolers).  We try to keep it light hearted and fun for everyone and ask the winners to don a pair of really tropical sun glasses (think 60’s style flamingos and palm trees) and then take their picture holding their prize, the pictures are pretty funny. We also add a caption to the images that has no real connection to the person winning the game – it’s all in fun!

Here’s some links to photos of the winners we have taken over the past couple of years… enjoy!

Jackson’s Bistro – 11/17/2009 Monster Mixer Winners – what a great night of networking that was – really great venue and food and a wonderful mix of talented business professsionals.

Free Networking International Awards – November 16, 2009. What a great event – David Doerges and The FNI organization put together a great gathering of business minded people; speakers and awards – The Ring Toss game was a big hit with many of the attendees winning shirts for their efforts.

Plan B Expo – November 3, 2009 – Lots of Ring Toss winners at this great event!

Right out of Tomorrow Chamber Event – October 8, 2009. We had a great time at the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Said hello to over 100 of our fellow business members from the community and gave away 20 free Endless Summer T-Shirts to the lucky winners of the Spongers Ring Toss game.

Surf Expo August 2009 – What a show! Was great to see so many of our customers and meet so many new friends. Introduction of our new Profit Builder line of signs was a success and the new Aniversary Edition Endless Summer shirt was well received also. Of course the Tiki Bimini Ring Game was a lot of fun – we gave away 50 t-shirts to the winners of the game. Pictures are here for those interested in seeing who won.

Article by: Gaver Powers

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