Parrot Head Gift Idea

I’ve been a Parrot Head for longer than I care to admit…

I’ve probably received every album Jimmy produced at least 4 times as gifts from well intentioned friends. Truth be told – they never go to waste, I have a copy for my car, office, boat and home.

It can be difficult finding a gift that appeals to the Phlock, one that hasn’t been over sold or that you see everyone carrying at a concert. That’s one of the reasons we created the Salt Happens Bimini Ring Game. Just the name of the game alone should be a great inspiration for a Buffett song – Salt Happens!

With an eye towards our Parrot Head Friends – we created a Bimini Ring Game that features a pair of brightly colored Macaw Parrots; a large Salt Rimmed Margarita, a Bunch of Limes, Coconut Palms all of which are pictured over a beautiful beach scene on a 24 inch wide Surfboard Shaped Sign.

We included all the hardware and installation instructions and have them for sale on our website for $25.00 (currently on sale for just $20.00 for a limited time). I hope you will agree that this game will make for a great gift for your favorite Parrot Head or Keet. It will provide many hours of entertainment at club gatherings and makes for a great tail gate game in the parking lot at the concerts.

To help with the learning curve – I’ve written an article on how to win that I hope you will find helpful. If you have any suggestions for a custom game or tips on how to get a ringer – we would like to hear from you…

Fins Up!

Article by: Gaver Powers

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