Bimini Ring Game Rules…

Here’s some suggestions on different ways to play the game, these suggestions are based on the experience we have had playing the game at many Bars; Restaraunts and our Booths at Trade Shows.

The Bimini Ring Game can be played indoors or outdoors, in either case you will need about 8 feet of floor space from the wall where the Hook is attached – so try to plan a location that wont interfere with the regular traffic pattern of other people working their way around the venue. Having the hook well lit helps also. If you are installing a game for the first time – this article on Assembly and Installation might be of help.

There are two primary ways to hold a fun competition with your Bimini Ring Game.

Method 1:

Each player is given an opportunity to “warm up” – let each one toss till they get a ringer, then move to the next person. Try to keep the number of people playing in a given heat to 4 or less.

After each person has warmed up – begin the game by having the first player toss till they get a ringer. Count the number of trys they make till successfull. That then becomes the target or goal for the next player to beat. If the next player is able to beat the first player by getting a ringer in less trys than the first player – their score becomes the new target for all other players to beat. Continue working your way through the participants till you have a clear winner. In the event of a tie, have the players with the same score face off with each other and see how many trys it takes to get a ringer. The winner is the one who gets a ringer with the fewest trys.

Method 2:
Again each player is given an opportunity to warm up by tossing the ring till they get a ringer.

In this method each player is given an opportunity to try and get the most ringers possible in a series of 10 consecutive throws. The person with the highest number wins! It helps if you can have someone “un-hook” the ring for the person tossing the ring, by doing so, the person tossing the ring can “freeze” thier position which helps increase the probability of being able to repeat the process of getting a ringer greatly.

Each participant is given an opportunity to toss the ring 10 times, keeping score of the number of ringers they get in the series. In the event of a tie, the players face off against one another and try again for the highest number of ringers in a series of 10.

In the event a player gets 10 in a row – you should allow them to continue tossing the ring untill they miss – setting a new mark for the next person to match or beat.

Need a little help?
Here’s an article on how to win that might be of help to those just getting started.

You could be famous…
My personal best has been 7 in a row. No doubt there are many other players that are able to beat that record and probably do on a regular basis. We always enjoy hearing about the records players are setting and photos of the games in play so send us a link; photo or comment on this¬†Blog – we’ll post it here for everyone to see.¬†

You never know… you might just win something cool for posting!

Article by: Gaver Powers

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