Bimini Ring Game – Assembly & Installation

Instructions for the Assembly and Installation of your Bimini Ring Game by

1) Place the sign / game on the wall with the hook approximately 48 inches from the ceiling or overhang on an 8 foot tall wall.

2) Using a screw included with your Bimini Ring Game, make a mark through the small hole at the top of the sign / game onto the wall. Create a hole slightly smaller than the size of the white plastic anchor included in your kit. Insert the plastic anchor into the wall. Note: The plastic anchor is not required if you are mounting your sign / game to a wooden beam; pole or wall.

3) Mount the Bimini Ring Game to the wall using the #8 phillips head screw provided with your game. Cover the screw head using the small mushroom cap also included with your game. Press the cap firmly into the hole. It’s a snug fit – so try to line it up with the hole prior to pressing it into place.

4) Insert the Hook into the Bimini Ring Game by screwing it into the hole near the middle of the sign / game. Screw it in till the threads are no longer visible above the surface of the game. Do not over thread the hook in too deep as it will touch the wall behind the game / sign and begin lifting the sign off the wall.

5) Tie one end of the string provided in your Bimini Ring Game kit to the small eye hook. Make a mark approximately four (4) feet from the wall on the ceiling – straight back from the Bimini Ring Game on the wall. Make a hole in the ceiling slightly smaller than the white plastic anchor provided in your kit and insert the anchor into the ceiling. Note: If you are installing the Eye Hook into a wooden ceiling or support beam, the plastic anchor is not required. Insert the Eye Hook into the plastic anchor – or screw it into the wooden support beam if required.

6) Take the free end of the string to the hook installed in the Bimini Ring Game on the wall and tie the Ring included in your kit to the string. When adjusted correctly the tip of the hook will be in the middle of the ring when the string is pulled taunt from the eye hook above. Support the ring over the hook and adjust the knot you tie till the hook is in the center of the ring. Keep adjusting the length untill you achieve the required distance. If the string is adjusted too short the ring will not be able to catch the hook when tossed, and if adjusted too long, it will hit the back of the game / sign and bounce away from the hook making it difficult to land a ringer. Leave a couple of inches of extra thread past your knot for the first few throws while you make certain you have your length adjusted correctly.

Your game is set up and ready to go. Although the game is pretty simple to play, there’s a real technique to swinging the ring and getting ringers consistantly. Here’s an article on how to win with your new Bimini Ring Game.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our installation instructions or Bimini Ring Game or maybe you have an idea for a new design – let us know, we enjoy hearing from our friends online.

Visit for pictures and more information about the Bimini Ring Game we manufacture.

Article by: Gaver Powers

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